About Us

Band of King are a British alternative rock band formed in North London in 2010

This band started out as a solo project of Andrew King (frontman) aka Band of King a full-time musician for the best part of his adult life has been a performer on the London live scene. 

Achievements include being an opening act for "You me at six" in 2017 at Alexandra Palace west hall has been one of his most significant accomplishments as a local North London band.

More recently working closely with Geri Haliwell and BBC 1, performing a cover song TV advertisement for Geri's Haliwell's BBC 1 television show.

Band of King's works also include having three of their songs licenced for use by Tommy Hilfiger co for three advertisements.

Viktor aka Vkt Cardona a multi-skilled musician on the London Metal scene joined Band of King in early 2018.
At that time Viktor was also performing alongside Raz Author (guitarist) a seasoned live performer as well as a prolific songwriter who would go on to join the band in March 2019
Ben Orr (bassist), a close friend of Andrew and multi-skilled musician, joined the group in December

Members: The band consists of Andrew King (the frontman, vocalist and guitarist of Band of King), Viktor Cardona (Drums), Ben Orr (Bassist) and Raz (Guitarist).

The members of Band of King also have a body of original music and go by the name of (From the Outside)